Overlooked Florida Deck Planning Items

Overlooked Florida Deck Planning Items

Ok, we all love the fact that we get just a little bit of that colder weather in Florida.  It doesn’t last very long, rarely gets below 40 degrees, and we always have plenty of sunshine and great temperatures during the day.  Before you know it, we’re back up in the 90-90’s….90 degrees and 90 percent humidity.

While the summer days can be a bit on the hot side, the late afternoon/evenings are always a pleasure.  So having a nice outdoor patio/deck is something you’ll want to consider adding to your current home.  Many times the planning involves costs/materials and a simple design.  However Tim from Williams Custom Construction goes through just a few other things to consider when planning your deck or patio project.

1.  You will never want it smaller.

While budget and cost is always an issue, most people will never ask themselves the question, “Wow maybe we should have made this smaller?”  Decks and patios are used more than ever these days.  Many times your parties will take to the outside, especially in Florida, so having ample space for your guests is a must.  Make sure you maximize your investment by giving yourself a good sized deck you can enjoy for many years to come.

2.  Different Levels Considerations

Decks with multiple levels give a great look to your deck or patio.  However, make sure those different levels won’t hinder a big table or other activity because of stairs or a ramp.

3.  Wood or Concrete

Depending on what type of a cover you may or may not put on the project in the future may govern exactly what type of material you want to use when creating your deck or patio.  Concrete will last a lifetime if poured properly, and will need very little to no maintenance.  Decks offer a slightly different price point in terms of construction costs, but may need boards replaced or maintained during it’s lifetime.  If you are looking for the appearance of a decked patio with the low maintenance and strength of a concrete one, consider asking your contractor about using a synthetic decking material.  However, remember the costs for a synthetic material will most likely be more than natural/wooden ones.

4.  Summer Kitchens Planning

Since many of us don’t have the means to, pardon the pun, “deck out” our patios from the start, having the foresight to plan ahead for the items you will eventually want on your deck is a good thing to sit back and consider.  Would you like to have a summer kitchen where you can have a grill, refrigerator and an eating area?  Will the summer kitchen need a sink?  If so, perhaps you can tie a drain into an existing one.  What if you want a gas grill or fireplace/firepit?  Running a gas line during the initial building of the patio will greatly reduce your costs to add this later.   Maybe having electrical outlets now isn’t necessary, but knowing you’d like to have floodlights or carriage lights off the back of your structure can be accounted for and planned for now.

5.  Irrigation and Landscape Planning

Most homes in Florida have some type of irrigation already in place.  Putting in a new deck or patio will change the way your plants and grass are watered.  Planning ahead for what types of landscaping needs you will have in and around your deck should be considered in your planning phases so care can be taken to not disrupt your normal watering schedules.  It can also help you with making sure those items are in place if you plan to have hanging plants, potted clay jars on your patio, designated drip watering flower beds, etc.

Using some of these “thinking outside of the box” tips when you are considering your deck/patio project are just a few items Williams Custom Construction can assist you with.  Call today for a free estimate.

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