Mold – What’s Under Your Florida Bathroom Shower?

Mold – What’s Under Your Florida Bathroom Shower?

Last week we talked with Tim Williams of Williams Custom Construction about how to manage that Honey-Do List.  This week we are talking with Tim again as a result of what his crew found while ripping up a shower floor this week.  It’s one of those “can’t see it” things which can really ruin your day when you finally do “see it”.  This particular client knew they had a problem when the shower floor started leaking into the ceiling and the room downstairs.

So What Exactly Is Mold?
Mold isn’t an animal, and it isn’t a plant.  It’s part of the fungi kingdom.  Some molds just require humidity and oxygen to grow, others require an accumulation of moisture for them to survive and multiply.  It requires food containing carbon and moisture to live and just loves to eat what it’s growing on.  So inside of your house that could be drywall, under the carpet, in a humid closet on leather goods, and in this client’s case…under the floor of their shower.

It’s Black Mold It’s Toxic
A really typical alarm many companies who “specialize” in mold removal like to tout in order to strike fear in the hearts of their unsuspecting home owners.  Not all Black Mold is toxic, and you should have any black mold tested before you take any drastic measures.

IMG_1036Ok It’s Not Toxic, but Will it Damage My House?
As stated above, molds that require organic (carbon containing) materials to survive will basically “eat” what they are growing on to sustain their existence.  So it’s a natural conclusion that eventually it will eat everything it’s growing on if left to their own devices.  Now that can take a really long time, but in the interim the mold could cause a weakness in the structure or just make it easier for other elements (such as water) to get through, as in the case of this current client.

The Unseen Mold in a Bathroom…Can it be Prevented?
Water from showers, despite even being filtrated, can eventually cause the caulking and/or grout to deteriorate.  Having your shower and/or bathtub caulked periodically can greatly reduce the chance of mold and water damage to the surface below.  It’s a process you can either do yourself, or you can definitely call Tim to have your bathroom caulked since it can sometimes be a slightly messy job.

Turn a Negative into a Positive
Sometimes it’s well beyond just a little caulk and the leaks are starting to affect other areas in your house.  Perhaps the damage isn’t that bad, but you’re just in the mood for that nice decorative shower you’ve always wanted.  Or maybe it’s time to rip out the fiberglass walled tub and make a much more decorative and relaxing bathing area for your family.  In any of these cases, Tim and his team at Williams Custom Construction can help.  Give them a call or hit the “Contact Us” link above.

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