Covering Up Those Plants When Florida Hits Low Temperatures

Covering Up Those Plants When Florida Hits Low Temperatures

It doesn’t happen often however when those low temperatures reach into the 30s in Central Florida, you may not know exactly what to do about those plants that bloom so beautifully throughout the year.

Many times people just simply go ahead and let plants try to weather out the weather. However just with a couple of pieces of plastic and maybe some bricks or paver stones you can make sure that those plants stay nice and beautiful as soon as the warm weather returns which is usually the next day or just a day or so later.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic Sheeting
  • Bricks or Stakes or something heavy to place on the plastic (but not on the plants)

The plastic is sold in rolls over at The Home Depot or Lowe’s and can be clear or black.  I’ve seen mixed research on this, but the clear plastic tends to keep your plants warm and then allows the sun to shine through if your area of Florida is in for a few days of cold temperatures.  Having black plastic can make the sunlight impossible to get to your plants while covered up and may cause them to wither a bit if not removed promptly.

For the thickness of the plastic, 1.2 mil is pretty thin and while it will probably do the job, the likelihood of ripping it is pretty likely.  So go at least 2mil but 4 or 6 mil will be very strong, do the job, and allow you to fold it up and store it for easy reuse as needed.

Cover the bushes and plants you need to protect lightly with the plastic, making sure the ends lay enough on the ground so you can use the bricks to hold the plastic down.  Wind is usually pretty evident on those cold nights and can easily remove the plastic from your plants, exposing them to the coldest temperatures of the night.  If you use stakes, remember to angle the stakes as you put them into the ground or else the plastic will simply come right off the top of them with a good gust of wind.

Keep in mind not all bushes and plants need to be covered up, however your flowering plants are the ones that are the most susceptible to temperatures below 40°F. For the nonflowering plants such as bushes, most of the ones which are sold at your local Lowes or Home Depot are usually hearty up into about 40°F. As soon as the temperature gets below 40F you run the risk of having their leaves brown and possibly even suffered permanent damage.  If you find the temperatures are going to get below 40° it’s probably best to go ahead and cover these up as well. Most of the time it will not hurt the plant even have the plastic over them for even the next day as long as the temperatures don’t get up above 55 to 60°.

We hope these little tips will help your plants weather the storm and remember to call Williams Custom Construction for any of your home improvement or honey-do lists/handman needs.  Large or small jobs are always welcomed.


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