5 Ways to Stop the Honey-Do’s From Becoming the Honey-Blues

5 Ways to Stop the Honey-Do’s From Becoming the Honey-Blues

How many of you have a Honey-do list that never seems to stop growing?  It’s just a common factor of home ownership to have plenty of projects of fix this, organize that which can quickly get out of control.  Finding the time in our quick paced world can also be a challenge, and soon that list becomes more of an albatross around our necks which gets heavier by the day. So what can one do to keep this list from spinning out of control and be a nicely organized list of projects that can be knocked out one after the other?  Tim, from Williams Custom Construction has some tips on this.


Organize Your List by Department
Organize your list much like a Lowe’s or The Home Depot organizes their stores.  Put all of the lawn and garden items into one group, plumbing, paint & caulking, electrical, etc.  This allows you to not only have a group of tasks which are similar in nature, but also allows you to most likely have some of the same tools, parts, etc. all out at the same time.  It can also help you keep your costs down since you can use that one tube of bath caulking to take care of several sealing needs in one shot.

Research the Project Days Before You  Do It
If that task is something new to you, research it during the evening perhaps right before you go to bed.  This will allow you to know what additional tools or resources you’ll need to get the job done quickly.

Be Smart…Use Your SmartPhone
We live in a much different day and age than our parents and grandparents did.  There are plenty of built in apps on iPhones and Android phones which are task based and can be grouped accordingly.  This makes putting a list together and grouping it much easier. Also, set location reminders on the tasks which have tool or equipment needs to the address of your local hardware store.  You may be in the area for another reason and if that location reminder goes off telling you to pick up that part or tool you need, well that just makes it a time saver overall.

Aim Small. Miss Small.
A great quote from the movie, “The Patriot” as the lead character reminded his two young sons to do when they were aiming their guns.  Same holds true for do it yourself and honey-do projects.  Only try to knock out 1 or 2 items on that list at any one time.  Trying to complete everything on the list in a single day or weekend can not only be draining, but frustrating if only a 1/3 of the list gets completed.  If you decide to tackle 2 items and only get 1 done, no worries.  You’ll get it the next time.  Honey do lists are about making progress, no matter how small that progress may be.

Trying is Learning.
Being a General Contractor and having Handy Man Services, I get plenty of calls where the customer says they wish they’d have called me first before wasting so much time trying to fix something they tried to do themselves.  The first thing I tell them is, “Great for giving it a try.”  We all can learn something even when it doesn’t work out in our favor, and don’t beat yourself up for not being able to do something.  It’s taken years and countless times doing some repairs over and over again for even myself to be able to do it quickly and professionally.  It never hurts to try out doing a home improvement or fixing project provided you take the necessary safety precautions and keep yourself from hurting yourself or the object of the learning experience.

So when should homeowners call a place like Williams Custom Construction?  We asked Tim this question as well.

It’s all about what you feel comfortable with doing.  There are some tasks that are just larger than they seem, or a group of tasks can just be a thorn in your side because it’s not about being able to do it, it’s the wanting to do it that becomes more of the problem than the project itself.  It really comes down to your time being valuable.  Send the list to your local handyman and see what the cost would be to have them take care of it, and for how long.  Now give yourself an hourly rate and figure out how long it will take you to do the same list of tasks including going to the store, learning how to do the task, etc.  You may find you can get all of your items completed on the list for much less than yourself doing it.

Be safe and never hesitate to send any questions by posting them below or sending them via our contact us page.


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